LYOWALLET is a non-custodial wallet. Once downloaded on the smartphone, it offers services to buy cryptocurrencies and trade digital assets without sharing any information with the app. Any sensitive data is 100% protected and stored only on the smartphone. This also means that the owner of the wallet is the only one responsible for not losing its keys and requires precautions to protect your funds.


  • Buy Bitcoin, LYO Credit and altcoins quickly.
  • Track charts and coin prices within the app.
  • NFTs storage.
  • Safe crypto wallets from hacking.
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With a custody wallet, another party controls user's private keys. With a non-custodial wallet as LYOWALLET, the user gets a key consisting of 12 words. This is the private key that gives control and ownership of the cryptocurrency within the wallet.
Despite being technically connected to the internet during a transaction, the private keys sign the transaction offline within the hardware wallet itself before being sent online to the blockchain for confirmation. For this reason, even a malware-infected computer or phone cannot access your funds when using a non-custodial hardware wallet.